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MEET OUR 2023 Judges

Zhongqi Shi_edited.jpg
Zhongqi Shi
Zhongqi Shi graduated with honors from the Shanghai Dance Academy. He joined the Shanghai Valley Company as a principal dancer, and starred in “White Haired Girl,” “Swan Lake,” and “Red Detachment of Women.” He was also a film and television actor in many features, such as “Life’s Murmuring Sound” and “Far Away Heart.” In 1988, he studied Modern Dance at the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City and where he later was an instructor in the Ballet Department. He has been a well-respected dance instructor for over 60 years.
Xu Li_edited.jpg
Li Xu
Li Xu graduated with honors from Beijing Dance Academy and was formerly a Soloist for the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble. Li has been a visiting scholar at Brigham Young University and was awarded a scholarship to study modern dance in Canada. Influenced by both Eastern and Western dance spirits, she illustrates her unique style in choreography and dance education. In 1997, she co-founded J & L Dance School with China’s First-Class dancer Zhou Jie in Houston. Driven by the motivation to promote Chinese culture in the community, Xu Li established Oriental Arts Education Center (OAEC) in 2010, which became the most influential and one of the fastest-growing Chinese Arts Education Center in the States. 
Xie Luxi_edited_edited.jpg
Lucy Xie
Lucy Xie graduated from Beijing Dance Academy with a BA in Chinese Dance and MFA in Choreography. She was formerly the lead dancer of the Beijing Dance Drama Theater and is a board member the US Chinese Dance Association. She is the founder and artistic director of Tang Arts & Performance Studio and is the president of the Universal Performing Arts Center. She is also a promoter of Dunhuang dance, and her artistry and works have been featured at the Western Shrine of Buddha’s Light Mountain Monastery as well as in the Disney-produced short film “American Born Chinese.” 
Fengjie Liu
Fengjie Liu is a member of the Beijing Chinese Dancers Association, a National First-Class Artist of China, and was formerly a dancer and choreographer for the Shenyang Song and Dance Ensemble. She has over 40 years’ experience in the performing arts and has won many national and provincial awards. She was the director of award-winning dance dramas Tian Ji (National Top Ten Fine Arts Project and 7th China Art Festival Gold Medal Award) and Five Watches of the Crescent Moon (Chinese Ministry of Culture’s Wenhua Award, Five-One Project’s New Play Award) and has published several books.
Erin McMahon_edited_edited.jpg
Erin McMahon
Erin McMahon has worked with renowned teachers such as Miroslav “Misha” Bart, Kathleen Waltz, Milena Leben and Margo Marshall. She has danced professionally at Central West Ballet under René Daveluy and Roanoke Ballet Theatre under Rolando Sarabia. Erin is currently a dancer with San Jose Dance Theatre where she performs soloist and principal roles with the company. 
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