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Virtual Competition RULES & REGULATIONS

Entry Fees
Please log-in to your account and check under "My Registration" to view WeShine World Dance Competition Entry Fees!

USCDA/WeShine WDC Committee and the hosting facility are not responsible for any kind of damage, loss or injury sustained by contestants or spectators or their property while filming their entry for the WeShine World Dance Competition. Dancers competing take certain inherent risks when involved in any physical activity and participation in this competition indicates the acceptance of such risks.


Competitors are responsible for providing downloadable cloud file links for the entries (Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Baidu Pan ONLY.) You may include the link in the registration form OR email them directly to Please do NOT attach videos directly int he email. If you are sending them via Google Drive, please make sure that the video is shared to the email above or that privacy is turned off so we can download your video. Expired videos or videos unable to be downloaded may result in disqualification.


File Name must be in one of the following formats:

Studio Entries: performance name - dance studio/team/group name

Independent Entries: performance name - dancer's name

Ex: Opera Girls - US Chinese Dance Association

Performance and Studio/Team/Group/Dancer name MUST match with the registration form.



1. Video entries MUST be taken in a “one-take” format (Video editing is strictly forbidden, with the exception of brightness/color adjustments).

2. 720p or 1080p HD

3. Videos should be recorded HORIZONTAL. No vertical videos allowed.

4. .mp4 or .mov file format

5. Dances should be suitable for audiences of all ages. Any promotion of religious beliefs and/or political propaganda is strictly prohibited.

6. Videos should not include any identifying information in the background, beginning and ending credits, or anywhere else in the video, including student's name, studio's name/logo, etc.

7. Maximum of 2 solo routines per dancer may be submitted.


Points may be deducted from acts that do not comply. 

VIDEOs Not permitted

1. Videos without a clear dance routine/costume (i.e.: no technique combinations or dances without appropriate costumes, etc.)

2. Videos from other recitals, rehearsals, showcases, conventions, competitions, or any other performances

3. Videos or dances from 2020 or before that have been previously submitted to/competed at WeShine

Recreational and professional settings accepted.

  • Amateur

  • Professional (20+ hours of dance per week)



  • Ballet

  • Contemporary/Modern/Lyrical

  • Folkloric/Ethnic (including Chinese Classic Dance)

  • Jazz/Tap

  • Open (i.e.: International Ballroom, Street/Hip-Hop, Musical Theater, etc.)



  • Solo

  • Duet/Trio (Duet and Trio will compete against each other)

  • Group Dance (4+ dancers)

  • Dance Production/Ensemble (15+ dancers)**
    **Professional Level dancers may register Solo/Duet/Trio production excerpts under "Dance Production/Ensemble". Please select "Dance Production/Ensemble during registration.

Dance Production/Ensemble performances must convey a story, follow a theme, or have Broadway or Dance Drama qualities.


  • Solo/Duet/Trio: Maximum of 3 minutes

  • Group Dance: Maximum of 6 minutes

  • Dance Production: Maximum of 8 minutes**
    **Professional Level Solo/Duet/Trio production entries: Maximum of 8 Minutes


A one (1) point deduction will be made for every 30 seconds the dance exceeds the time limit. Deduction occurs from 1 second over the allowed time limit. Extended performance time is available (up to 1:00 minute) for a fee of $3.00 per performer for Groups and Production/Ensembles. Solos, Duets, and Trios are not permitted extended performance time.


Rising Star      8 years old or younger, born after 1/1/2014
Junior Star      9–11 years old, born between 1/1/2011 – 12/31/2013
Teen Star        12–14 years old, born between 1/1/2008 – 12/31/2010
Senior Star     15 – 17 years old, born between 1/1/2005– 12/31/2007
Limitless Youth Star      18 – 42 years, born between 1/1/1980 – 12/31/2004
Forever Young Star       43 years of age or older, born on or before 12/31/1979

Age Calculation: Calculate the dancer’s age as of December 31st, 2022. For routines with more than one dancer, age is determined by calculating the AVERAGE AGE. Average age is the sum of dancers’ age divided by number of dancers. Average age ending with a decimal should round to the next whole number (i.e.: 10.5 rounds to 11; 10.4 rounds to 10). All persons appearing on stage–whether dancing or not–must be included when averaging ages for an entry.

JUDGING AND SCORING CRITERIA(Maximum 100 points per judge)

Technique (flexibility, strength, control, extension, leaps and turns, folkloric style, etc.): 30 Points

Stage Presence (facial and body expressions, personality/emotions, etc.): 30 Points

Execution of Performance (artistic value, rhythm/timing, group dance synchronization, smooth transitions, etc.): 30 Points

Overall Appearance (costume, hair, make-up, etc.): 10 Points



Adjudicated Awards: Platinum, Gold, Silver Award certificates presented to dancers based on individual scores.
Outstanding Choreographer Award: Certificate presented to the routine for outstanding original choreography (as indicated on the registration form). 
Outstanding Studio Achievement Award: Certificate presented to the studio/school/academy/organization that has received the highest OVERALL COMBINED score in AMATEUR levels.


Certificates will be awarded in the form of an e-certificate and emailed to each studio and/or independent entry. Medals, trophies, and printed certificates are available for purchase once results are released, additional fees may apply.

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